Apr 01 2018

Protecting the Sight of Tomorrow, Today

Here at Ankeny Family Vision Center we share a passion for pediatric vision care. It’s true, our children’s world is ever evolving, especially compared to our own technology limited childhood years ago. Did you know children from 0 to 8 are clocking an average of 48 minutes on electronic devices a day? Did you know we offer eyewear to help combat the eye strain from these devices? Our eye care physicians are here to help you learn everything you need to know about protecting those young eyes! Schedule an eye examination for your youngster with one of our vision doctors today!

Mar 01 2018

National Save Your Vision Month

Did you know that March is #NationalSaveYourVisionMonth?! Here at Ankeny Family Vision Center we encourage you this month, as well as every other month, to practice vision
care techniques daily! Try this quick, easy eye care rule five times a day! Stop in to our vision center for more tips and to browse the latest and greatest in eyewear. We care about protecting those beautiful eyes!

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