Feb 01 2018

Dr Waters Celebrates One Year

WHAT A BIG DAY! Today marks Dr. Tilena Water’s One Year Anniversary with Ankeny Family Vision Center. Where do we even begin?  Dr. Waters has a passion for vision care and has been an irreplaceable asset to our eye care facility. There is not a day that her infectious smile and go-getter attitude goes unnoticed at our center for eye care. We appreciate her hard work and her love for our community.

Next time you need a new pair of eyeglasses, contact us to schedule an appointment to receive your prescription from this caring, joyful vision doctor!
Jan 23 2018

Our 2017 Office Holiday Party Promotes Community

2018 holiday party

It’s that time of year again where we wrap up the holiday celebrations with our families and we take time to celebrate our AMAZING team here at Ankeny Family Vision Center. This was a much-needed pause for the AFVC team to take a break from selling eyewear and contact lenses, scheduling vision care appointments, and accomplishing everything else eye care.

Together our team let their creative sides shine at the AR Workshop here in Ankeny. Have we mentioned how important supporting the Ankeny Community is to us here at AFVC?! Our Holiday Party was a refreshing time out with the perfect guests. Bonus, our team now has something extra to always remember our amazing experience celebrating our vision care clinic.

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