Jan 26 2017

Isn't Life Interesting!!!??

Isn't life interesting?  Just about the time you think you have it figured out - changes occur!!  - And that is the way it has been for Ankeny Family Vision Center these last 3 weeks!

We had hoped for a smooth transition from Dr. Hansen to Dr. Pietig - but our hopes were dashed the first day when the computer system for electronic health records did not transfer properly and it basically quit working!  Many hours on the phone, with some hair pulling (!) - and slowly parts of the system began to function until now - when it is going relatively smoothly!

We are so grateful for all of you who "patiently" waited for scheduling, glasses, contacts, and who knows what else!  It has definitely been a stretching experience for all of us!

Our goal, as always, is to see that you have "the personal vision care you deserve" provide you with excellent comprehensive, individualized eye health care with the latest in technology - AND - the best experience EVER with our professional staff!

We desire Dr. Hansen's care and compassionate work here at Ankeny Family Vision Center to continue with Dr. Pietig at the forefront - to continue the legacy of generations of family members seeing Ankeny Family Vision Center as their primary place for eye health care.

Dr. Pietig and Dr. Hansen are looking forward to welcoming another doctor later in February.  We are hoping this will help alleviate some of the wait time you have experienced in the last year.

We are so excited for what 2017 will bring to Ankeny Family Vision Center!!  We are pressing on to serve you even better and continue to grow in our knowledge of eye health care!

Thank you for choosing us for your eye health needs!!

Jan 01 2017


This time of year, we all get reflective...about the past, the present, and what the next year or more has in store for us. Allow me some reflection...
I had a dream in 1976 and it became a reality in 1977 as Ankeny Family Vision Center.  I had 700 square feet, no employees and Marcia answered the phone from home!  The love we had for each other and knowing the Lord was in it kept us going!  We had not saved to do this - we just did it!  Scary...
Little did I realize 39 years later that 700 square feet would be 4800 - and no employees to 11 wonderful ones!!  God has so blessed us!
This year I was reminded that I just really love seeing patients and meeting needs, but administration is not my strength.  I have only managed with the Lord's guidance and good knowledgeable employees!! I began to think how nice it would be to just see patients without any added responsibility!
Dr. Mandy Pietig has rescued me and now is making "her" dream come true.  She dreamed when she started working with me in 2009 that someday this office would be hers.  She is an amazing optometrist and colleague.  She is young, energetic, and business-minded and will take Ankeny Family Vision Center to heights that I cannot at my age!!
Friday, December 30th, Dr. Pietig and I signed the papers and tomorow, Monday, January 2, 2017 - her dream becomes a reality!!  I am NOT retiring - I will remain the "Senior" doctor of the practice and just switch to employee with the same hours I have had for years!
Will there be changes?  Absolutely!  It is no longer my office.  Will it look different?  I am sure it will!  Will you have the same quality of eye care?  Dr. Pietig and I would have it no other way...the exceptional eye health care you have come to expect will remain a constant!
Help us give this NEW OWNER of Ankeny Family Vision Center, DR. MANDY PIETIG, a BIG WELCOME!!!
And look for Marcia's huge smile when I start coming home before 8pm at night!
Yup - it's a done deal!!!
Lord's Blessing, Mandy!!  Marcia and I wish you LIFE'S BEST!!!
Oh...and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU - and from the bottom of my heart thanks for the BEST 39 YEAR RIDE OF MY LIFE!!! - and to many more!!!
Dr. Ken Hansen, Founder and former owner of Ankeny Family Vision Center
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