Dec 18 2014

A New "Family" Member!!

IMG 0959Austin Allen Pietig came into the world weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz on December 16th.  He is the second son of Drs. Todd and Mandy Pietig (Dr. Mandy Pietig being an associate with Ankeny Family Vision Center)!!  His big brother, Alex, welcomed this 21.5 inch bundle of joy.  We wish this cute family all the best and will look forward to Dr. Pietig rejoining us in a few months!!

Dec 04 2014

Our favorite Christmas tradition

We are continuing our Christmas tradition of "Give a gift! Change a Life"!!

World Vision is a wonderful organization that provides animals that give people the ability to have milk, or raise for food or use as income to better themselves.  They also provide career training and education for women and girls in underprivileged countries.  In America, they assist with nutritious food for children who would otherwise go hungry, school supplies and disaster response.  They help dig wells for clean water, help with hunger issues and clothing and shelter for those in third world countries that have needs.  Medicine and education are also areas of their concern.

This is our second year of offering this promotion.  For every frame and lenses purchased, we give $10.00 towards a need.  We were able to do so much last year and we are looking forward to donating again this year.

If you are in need of some eyewear - stop in - help us with our tradition of "Give a gift.  Change a life"!!!

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