So Long...Farewell...Auf Wiedersehen...Goodbye
Jun 25 2017

So Long...Farewell...Auf Wiedersehen...Goodbye

That song from Sound of Music always brings smiles and sadness at the same time.  We at Ankeny Family Vision Center are feeling the same way these days.  One of our long time (11 year) employee has changed her status in life to "mommy at home" and we are saying those very same words to her!!!  

Amy, Dr. Hansen's (mostly) tech, got married a little over a year ago and now is mommy to a beautiful daughter!!  After taking time during her pregnancy leave to weigh her options and pray about what the Lord would have her do/be, she has decided not to return to us.  She will be staying home with her daughter and will be nannying in the fall for a family here in town.

Amy started with us in May 2006, after finishing her degree of Administrative Assistant at Faith Baptist Bible College.  She had on the job training and eventually took her exam from the American Optometric Association and passed with flying colors - upgrading her from just a tech to a Certified Optometric Technician/Assistant.  Amy really enjoyed working with patients and especially enjoyed her job when she was working with children.  She just about read Dr. Hansen's mind in regard to what tests he would order for his specific patient!!  He and Amy were a good team!!

Her smile and good attitude, whenever she was at work, was a blessing to patients and staff alike.  We will truly miss Amy in the office.

Blessings to you, Amy, in your new career.  It will be harder than the one here at Ankeny Family Vision Center, but we wish you all of life's best.

Stop to see us occasionally and bring that sweet girl along - and some of your baking, too!!!!


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