5 Contact Lens Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making
Oct 01 2018

5 Contact Lens Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Here at Ankeny Family Vision Center, we are vision doctors who care about your overall eye health. We don’t just see patients to get them in the door and right back out with
a prescription, we are constantly looking for ways to inform our patients about the latest in quality product, techniques, and tips.
We have compiled a list of common contact lens mistakes, that most people aren’t aware they are making.

1. Should I rinse my contact lens case with water?
No! Water is not inherently sterile, so rinsing your case with it will open the door to bacteria, possibly leading to infection. Instead rinse your case with contact lens
solution and replace your case at a minimum every six months.
2. Put Lenses in BEFORE you put make up on
Always put your lenses in before you apply makeup and before you remove makeup. Why? This avoids potentially trapping makeup in lenses. This is especially true for those who
wear water proof or oil-based makeup, while not recommended for contact lens wearers, due to risk of makeup binding itself to lenses. Be sure you are applying makeup at the
correct time, as makeup can cause blurring of vision.
3. Ditch Contact Lenses When Under the Weather
Avoid wearing lenses when you are suffering from the cold, flu, or any sickness that causes puffy or read eyes. Why? Chances of eye infection increase when suffering from a
weakened immune system. That is why we always recommend our patients to have an up-to-date pair of eyeglasses to wear in times when Contact Lenses aren’t practical.
4. Contact Lenses shouldn’t be Worn in the Shower
While also true for the pool and ocean, H2O damages contacts. While showering with contacts, lenses will suck up water introducing bacteria into the eye. While water assists
with cleaning your body, you want to avoid bacteria sitting in your eyes all day.
5. Dry your Hands before Contact Lens Application
Many people don’t miss the washing hands step; however, they forget to dry their hands before applying their contact lenses. This common mistake can wreak havoc on your eyes.
Contact lenses are attracted to wet surfaces, hence why they stick to your eye. Wet hands can throw off the application process, and more importantly introduces bacteria into
your eyes. Extra Note: if you haven’t switched out your hand towels in a while, make sure you are drying your hands with a fresh, clean towel.

While the above may be mistakes you didn’t know you were making, never forget these more commonly known techniques. Don’t reuse contact lens solution, don’t clean lenses with
tap water, always wash your hands before meeting lenses, replace contact lenses as directed by our eye care physicians, never sleep with contacts in your eyes, and always see
your vision care doctor for a yearly eye examination.

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