Jan 30 2015


2.7 million people over the age of 40 have Glaucoma.  It is predicted to be 4.2 million by 2030 - a 58% increase!!

The "Sneak Thief of Sight" is how it is known.  There are no symptoms and once vison is lost - IT IS PERMANENT!

It is the leading cause of preventable blindness and can affect people of ALL ages!

Regular comprehensive eye health exams are so important.  There is no cure YET...but there is treatment that will slow the vision loss.

Are YOU at risk?  Do not let yourself become a victim of the "Sneak Thief of Sight".  Make an appointment for that yearly comprehensive exam and allow Drs. Hansen, Pietig and Young make sure you do not become one of the 58% increase!!

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