3D Vision and Eye Health
Jul 01 2016

3D Vision and Eye Health

Did you know that the ability to perceive depth in a 3D presentation can be a test of vision health indicators and is more sensitive than the standard eye chart that has been used for many years?  3D viewing requires that both eyes work together in a coordinated fashion, as they converge, focus and track the 3D images!  For the 1 in 4 children who have undetected vision issues, 3D viewing can help identify and even treat these undetected problems.  These problems respond well to treatments through a comprehensive, individualized eye health exam.  And as an added benefit, these treatments will actually help the child in other areas of reading and learning tasks!

Binocular vision is the ability to align and focus both eyes on an object and then combine the visual images from each eye to a single, clear three dimensional perception.  Difficulty seeing in 3D can arise when eye fatigue occurs, forcing the eyes to make adjustments to focus eyes simultaneously on images that are near and far away.

There have been studies in Europe on the benefit of using 3D enabled learning tools in the classroom.  The studies have shown that children are able to concentrate more with 3D.

3D has definitely added a new dimension in vision.  It will be interesting to see the ways 3D will become a tool used in the classroom here in the United States.

In the meantime, enjoy the 3D movies.  If you experience any headaches, nausea, blurred vision, or dizziness, that could indicate a potential vision problem, call Ankeny Family Vision Center and see one of our doctors to help you determine if the ability to perceive depth in 3D could be the problem.

(Information taken from American Optometric Association)

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